Nicole DeKay 

founder, Humanalysts LLC

Nicole DeKay is the founder and principal consultant of Humanalysts LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies grow in ways that are safe and secure for employees, by using valid data and assessments. Humanalysts provides digital support for businesses to build in ethical human and environmental practices in the early stages of workplace development.

At Boeing, Nicole conducted competitive market analysis using text analytics and SQL, led focus groups on organizational transformation, and developed and collaborated with the environmental health and safety organization, leading research that was central to a recycling policy banning carbon fiber burning. In support of integrating recycled aircraft parts into the supply chain, she built an automated demand algorithm in SQL that reduced a fully manual two-week process to an automated 45-second process.

Nicole’s primary area of study is the valid measurement of the employee experience. Her expertise in data analytics and automation provides the digital leverage to scale GEN’s work. 

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