GEN Certification

What Is It?

The GEN Certification is the national gold standard for gender equity in the U.S. workplace. Businesses that are GEN Certified meet standards of excellence across five tenets of workplace culture. A composite assessment of employee experience and employer policies provides a data-driven standard of equity-centered work environments.

The GEN Certification rewards business leaders who recognize the value of all of their employees. It also signals to employees which workplaces celebrate opportunities for all genders to put their talents to work.

Benefits of Certification

“You get the behavior you measure.”

Just starting the GEN Certification Assessment process communicates to your employees that your commitment to equity is authentic. Aspiring to a standard also focuses employee attention on what is being measured and signals the organization’s priorities.
Without a measurable standard, employers have been left to take ‘best guesses’ in an area that can already feel fraught with complexity. Maybe moving networking events to work hours will get more women to participate, but without measurement, who knows? Maybe stating that leadership supports gender equity is enough to make women feel included, but without measurement, who knows?

A standard that sets measurable targets gives organizations the information they need, both to do the right thing and realize the highest returns. Measurement is just as important for creating an inclusive culture as it is for streamlining operations or budgeting with confidence.

Finally, being awarded the GEN Certification provides recipients with significant differentiation in a competitive marketplace. Women now earn the majority of college degrees, represent 47% of the U.S. workforce, and account for 85% of purchasing decisions. They want to know which businesses actually appreciate their value. Organizations that increase equity increase returns.

The Certification Process

When you are ready to signal your commitment to equity, contact us to start an eligibility conversation.

The GEN certification is awarded based on the results of an employee experience survey and a processes audit. What your organization can expect:

  • You distribute the employee survey to your staff for completion. We provide a sample introductory e-mail with a secure link to the survey. Expect the surveys to take approximately 15 minutes for each employee to complete.
  • We conduct interviews (30-60 minutes) with your leadership. 
  • We conduct a processes audit, which may require up to eight hours of meeting time with your designated contact. 
  • Information that you should expect to disclose is included in the Certification Assessment Checklist, which you receive after we complete an eligibility conversation.
  • By the end of the assessment process, your organization will receive an analysis of survey results and an audit summary, benchmarking against the GEN Standard and peers, a summary of GEN Assessment results, recommended next steps and an action plan, advice and support in creating and distributing the internal and external communications on the results of the GEN Certification Assessment, an image file to be used if certified, and an invitation to join GEN’s case studies of Gender Equity Leaders.

The assessment process typically takes 2-3 months to complete, depending on the responsiveness of the organization, and GEN certifies only organizations that meet the criteria. The assessment fee depends on the total number of employees in the organization.

Please contact us to receive specific details for your organization.

For more questions on getting started on the Certification Assessment process, please see our FAQs, GEN Certification Quick Facts brochure, and 2018 Guide to the GEN Certification Standard.