GEN is—


We want leadership to voice the challenges and inspirations from all communities that are invested in our shared vision becoming reality. 


We’re in love with a vision of what the workplace can be. Data holds the power to shift culture, and brave new businesses understand that inclusivity means growth. That’s why we spend our days finding ways to support them, and why we won’t stop until we’ve reached total parity.


As a social enterprise, we believe in doing what works. That means imagining new models where the old ones aren’t working, conducting research to find answers to the questions we haven’t answered yet, and forging partnerships with leaders who are willing to risk who they are for who they may become.


Evidence drives our decisions. Measurement drives our products. Commitment drives our results. We settle for nothing less than sustainability.


We aren’t interested in telling people what to do. Real progress comes from working together. Doing as much listening as leading. Understanding that success is a shared endeavor. Making sure we pass it on.