We don’t do trainings. We do workshops.

Why? Studies show the ‘teaching’ dynamic used in trainings often activates biases rather than undoing them. The few positive impacts created often don’t stick. While trainings may make us feel good, they don’t move the needle on diversity. GEN is committed to doing what actually works.

What does transform workplace culture? Workshops. What’s the difference? In GEN-Smart workshops, instead of teaching you, we work with you, to learn about your employees’ perceptions of their culture. Then we help participants practice inclusive behaviors and facilitate honest discussions with actionable takeaways for immediate application.

Our approach is the first to combine skills coaching with the most current research on the ways unconscious bias infiltrates the workplace and directly impacts women. We shape GEN-Smart programming around the data that tells us what works.

We offer several options for workshop packages. Examples of past workshop topics:


For female employees

  • How to Find, Partner, and Benefit from Sponsors
  • How to Become a Sponsor
  • Finding Your Path to Leadership
  • Financial Literacy: Closing the Investment Gender Gap
  • How to Not Sell Your Story Short
  • Negotiating While Female

For managers

  • Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: Learning the skills to develop your female employees
  • Unpacking Unconscious Bias
  • All in the Family: Highlighting and retaining the strengths of (your business here) parents
  • The Round Table: How to run meetings and discussions that draw out everyone’s perspectives
  • Rewarding Values-Based Action: Moving from ‘diversity’ to ‘inclusion’ by recognizing proactive employees