Archis Gore

CTO, Polyverse Corporation

Before Polyverse, Archis served time in Amazon on Search Experience, where he handled the on-call duty for Black Friday weekend three years in a row. He also did a significant amount of reliability, scaling, prediction, and stability work for the Amazon fleets. Among other contributions, he helped migrate a major tier-1 service to serverless architecture, built the first iteration of the tier-1 Amazon's Choice service for Alexa, helped launch AmazonSmile, and patented a method to measure user-perceived latency of web pages, to ensure that platforms could not "game the system" by reporting convenient metrics.

He got his start in the tech world when he was selected as one of the top 20 student technologists across India, for the Code4Bill contest (sponsored by Bill Gates).

In addition to devoting time to championing efforts focused on workplace representation, Archis also serves as a Director on the Board of the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) and volunteers as a dive instructor with Global Underwater Explorers.

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