Equity Systems

You know what you want your business to look like onstage: engaged employees, a balanced board, a positive brand. We pull the cultural levers that help make it happen.

Our consulting models assess policies and practices in six Gender Parity Pillars to ensure equitable career flows, from recruiting to board management. GEN-Smart designs un-bias your workplace and provide benchmarking metrics to measure impact.


The stages of our consulting process:


1. Discovery

Diagnostic overview of workplace culture provides a composite assessment of the employee experience and workplace processes. Compares results to normative industry data.

2. Analysis & Action Plan

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the diagnostic overview identifies gaps in addressing gender parity and provides an action plan with cost-benefit analyses for creating an inclusive culture.

3. Redesign

Implementation of the action plan progressively reduces the impacts of unconscious bias and flawed processes. We adjust the cultural levers proven to unlock the long-term returns—financial and social—that inclusive design brings. From un-biasing interview processes to defining GEN-Smart targets, our systemic approach to designing equitable cultures creates value.

4. Impact & Evaluation

Metrics captured in the redesign phase feed into an impact evaluation. Based on results, we summarize your progress in key strategic areas and, if necessary, iterate the action plan.